Hey, I'm Kayla.

Allow me to introduce my world filled with love, laughter, and captivating moments. Together with my boyfriend, Brinson, we have embarked on a remarkable 10-year journey, blessed with our three beautiful children: Jayden, 9, Brooklyn, 6, and Peyton, 2. While our days are often a whirlwind of special moments (interspersed with the occasional sibling squabble - you know how it goes!), I wouldn't trade our busy, joyful existence for anything in the world!

When I'm not chasing after my little love bugs or capturing moments through my lens, you'll likely find me indulging in my guilty pleasure of watching Friends or channeling my creativity into various home and craft projects. Fun, laughter, and moments with friends are my cherished escapes, even if they occur just once a year. And in the quiet early hours of dawn, you'll often find me lost in thought, serenaded by the melodies of Kari Jobe on Pandora, mentally preparing for the day ahead.

Photography found its way into my life through my deep love for my children. Wanting to preserve their precious moments with high-quality images, I acquired a "good" camera. Little did I know that this simple desire would ignite a profound passion within me. The artistry of photography captured my heart, and a friend recognized my innate talent, encouraging me to venture further into this creative realm. And so, I embarked on a journey, capturing the priceless memories of friends and family, etching my path into the chronicles of history.

Photography, to me, is an embodiment of love—for the craft itself and, more importantly, for the beautiful souls I have the honor of photographing. I absolutely LOVE presenting someone with tangible memories, immortalizing the most significant chapters of their lives. The knowledge that I have gifted someone with something truly irreplaceable is an indescribable feeling.

Speaking of rare occasions, I must confess that being in front of the camera is a rarity for me and the amount of pictures of all of our family is pretty slim (wah). So, please enjoy these photos from our family trip to Disney World this past March!




Kayla recently did our photos and they turned out absolutely PHENOMENAL!!! I am so impressed and incredibly grateful for capturing our new, growing family! Thank you, Kayla!

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